Monday, 22 October 2012

- SVILU Spring 2013 - New Label Alert! -

After both working under the tutelage of Peter Som, designers Britt Cosgrove and Marina Polo have launched their own  environmentally sustainable collection. SVILU features clean, twisted classic silhouettes and is produced locally in NYC with fabrics such organic cotton, tencel, modal, and cupro. Watch this space for more from this innovative and talented duo. 


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Thursday, 18 October 2012

- Dressing... HIM! -

The appeal of a well dressed and groomed man will never get old and in this post I hope to offer a little bit of advice and gentle guidance for those men out there that need a wee push in the right direction!

 So many men, might I add Irish men in particular... Can't seem to get over their obsession with tracksuits! For example, I know a man that has a great body and takes care in his appearance through looking after his hair paying attention to what aftershave he wears etc, but when it comes to fashion he is completely clueless. When I meet a man first I will immediately look at what their wearing and from that I instinctively make a judgement on their overall 'ora'. It is so easy for men to dress well once they are able to cover the basics and that is what I am going to concentrate on.

1st of all good fit is vital and knowing what suits your shape. So here are some of what I would consider as basics in decent styling for men... Would love some feedback as many of readers may know this post is very unlike my previous stuff! 

Hope you enjoy!

Statement pieces:

A decent fit printed tshirt... I love a graphic tshirt on guys it makes you stop and look but let it be for the right reasons! No ''if found please return to pub'' etc :p

classic crew neck Theres something cute and approachable about a crew neck. I personally love this neck line but if you have a slightly longer neck and short hair its best if you pair it with a polo or shirt underneath.

statement chinos  I can't say i'm a big Chino fan but i am loving this colour.

stripes are always sexy ...  sailor chic? Love it :)

collared jumper I adore this jumper. So wallet friendly and I bought one for my boyfriend in navy which really suits him as he has a long neck and should avoid crew necks.


classic peacoat   A good coat or jacket can really sophisticate a look. My favourite on any man would be the P coat. In my opinion it can suit all body shapes as it gives structure to the male torso.

classic wax jacket this option is simple and classic but becuse of the 'wax jacket revivial' you could say it automatically brings your look up to date with todays trends.

leather biker this style is great if your going for a bad boy image! The one i have chosen isn't too pricey and the loose neckline allows it stay casual. I like how it styled with the V-cut tee. But please if your going for a low neckline no shaved chests! ;)


great dark Levi's This cut will fit and compliment all body shapes and leg lengths. The dark colour creates an elongating and flattering effect.

Levi everyday skinnies Again another great shape. Levi really do give you the creme de la creme tailoring in their jeans. This style would suit the slightly thinner man. The skinny fit can again keep your look current with the minimum amount of effort.

Thank you so much for reading! <3

Monday, 15 October 2012

- Olivia Palermo -

Olivia Palermo is without a doubt one of my all time favourite style inspirations. She oozes style, class and effortless chic. Below I have put together some of my absolute favourite looks of hers. From her collection of Birkins, stunning sunnies and statement jewellery its safe to say I want her wardrobe!

Now girls, I don't see how we cant recreate these looks by introducing some great basics into our wardrobes... Just take a look at this check list i've created to help you find your own inner Olivia! ;)

#1 a decent pair of print pants, 
#2 some good quality leather trousers,
 #3 a LUX faux or real fur gillet or coat,
#4 an eye catching clutch, 
#5 Some statement jewellery, 
#6 leopard pumps,
#7 a white silk shirt.

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- Zimmermann Swim 2013 -

Well, winter has certainly begun in Ireland this past 2 weeks and I for one love snuggling down in front of the fire with the wind and rain howling outside but, after coming across Zimmermann's swimwear collection for S/S13 I never wanted sun so bad in my life! And, i'm now plotting a winter sun holiday for after christmas... the power of a good fashion editorial eh? 

Along with Zimmermann's signature florals I welcome the addition of some pretty paisleys and eye catching animal prints. 

These stunning images are also doubling up as some gym inspiration what a bod! whooaa! 

Enjoy! <3 

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Monday, 8 October 2012

- Mini London Haul -

Had a short break in London last weekend with my boyfriend and did a little shopping here are some of the things I picked up along with a few bits i've gotten over the last month... :) 
Hope you all enjoy!

This kaki over shirt by TRFzara is so
wearable and on trend, LOVE! 
Have been looking for the perfect nude heals... and of course found them in amazing Zara. 

These printed pants also by TRFzara are a bit bold for me but i'm trying to stop playing it too safe when it comes to patterns this season so here I go! 

This red wool boucle blazer is
soo cosy and easy to wear and
is Zara!
This shirt had been on my wishlist
since I made my Isabel Marant post...

This pale pink angora jumper from H&M is cosy and so pretty, BUT, the fluff is going everywhere!! IF anyone has any tips as to how avoid it shedding please help! :)
These chelsea boots from ASOS were a total steel and haven't taken them off since they arrived!

Last but not least this faux fur black gilet from Topshop. Think this is also really easy to wear as it can take you day to night effortlessly.